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Dear élite Questioner,

I can only offer what the philologists tease out from these two epithets
among the thousand names of the Lord :

Keshava = 'beautiful haired' as Krishna the long-haired who slew the demon

Keshava = ka (Brahma) + a (Vishnu) + isha (Shiva), thus 'He who controls
Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva as the lord'

Narayana = 'God in humanity' as nara (humanity) + ayana (path or going) + i
(to go) : sole refuge of all creatures, the abode of all beings, in the
hearts of all, and the final goal.

Narayana = abode of all beings; as nara (products of the Self) + ayana

Narayana =  Lord Vishnu, the one who relcines on the ocean of consciousness
with the serpent Shesha as his couch : nara (water) + ayana (moving).

Take one, or all !


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K.Sankarasubramanian (Finance/TVS-E) wrote:

> Dear elite members
> Pl enlighten us the difference between Keshava and Narayana – whose name
> recited in the Sandhyopasanam one after the other but almost in the same
> meaning as follows:
>"Aakashath Pathitham Thoyam
>Yatha Gachathi Sagaram
>Sarvadeva Namaskaram
>Keshavam Prathi Gachathi"
>Kaayena Vacha Manasendriyar Va
>Buddhyatmanava Prakriteh swabhaavat
>Karomi Yadyat sakalam Parasmai
>Narayanayeti Samarpayami


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