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As you know this Virata Purusha projected Agni (the God of Fire) out of
himself while he remained a Brahmana on earth in the form of Manu. Therefore
both were Brahmanas. He was alone on earth without other castes. Without the
protection of Kshathriyas and other helpers he did not prosper. Therefore he
created a noble form, the Kshathriya consisting of those who are kshathriyas
among Gods – Indra (the king of Gods), Varuna (the king of the animals of
water), Soma (the king of Brahmanas), Rudra (the king of beasts), Parjanya
(the king of lightning), Yama (the king of manes), Mruthyu (the king of
diseases), Isana (the king of luminaries) etc. Kshathriya is considered
superior so in Rajasuya yaga the Brahmins adore the kshathriya from a lower
seat. However the kshathriya quickly restores the higher position to the
Brahmana because the Brahmana is his source. Therefore anyone who denigrates
a Brahmana becomes more vicious like the one who would insult his superior.

He did not prosper still.


Because there is none to procure wealth.

What is the need for wealth?

Wealth is required for the performance of karma.

Why perform karma?

Karma is to be performed to secure this earth.

Why secure this earth?

So he can come back.

How does he come back?

Through a son.

How does he get a son?

Through a wife of course.

So desire consists of wife and wealth. And desire is this much only, nothing
more! A man with a wife working hard to get wealthy is a Grihastha. He is
the Samsaaree!

Now back to Virat. He created Vaisyas – those classes of Gods who remain in
groups. They are the eight Vasus, the eleven Rudras, the twelve Adhithyas,
the thirteen Visvadevas and fortynine Maruts.

He did not prosper still for want of servants. He therefore created Pushan
the Sudhra God. The earth indeed is Pushan for it nourishes all that exist.

He did not prosper still!


Because he feared that Kshathriya being fierce would become unruly. In order
to overcome this he specially projected this excellent form called Dharma.
Kshathrasya kshathram Dharmam. Dharma is fiercer than the fierce! Dharma is
therefore the controller. There is nothing higher than Dharma in this
prakrthi. With Dharma on his side a householder can contend with even a king
who is most powerful. This Dharma is actually the Truth. What is known as
Truth, when practiced becomes Dharma. And this Dharma cannot be practiced
without one identifying himself with one or the other of the four varnas
with which he was born to perform his karma.

This way the fourfold varnas – Brahmana, Kshathriya, Vaisya and Sudhra –
were created. Virat became Brahmana among the Gods only as Agni and among
men as Brahmana. He became Kshathriya among men through the divine
Kshathriyas, He became Vaisya among men through the divine Vaisyas and he
became Sudhra among men through the divine Sudhra. Therefore people desire
to attain their objectives among the Gods through Agni and among men through
the birth as a Brahmana since Virat assumed these two forms.

Now this self, the Grihastha, is verily the support of all beings. It is by
performing the Vedic sacrifices in the fire that he becomes the supports of
the gods. By reciting the Vedas he supports the sages who gave him the
Vedas. By offering to the manes and desiring children he becomes the support
of the Pithrus. By giving food and shelter to men he becomes their support.
By giving fodder he becomes the support of the animals. Even the beasts and
birds and ants feed in his home and he is their support. Thus supported all
of them in turn wish for his welfare.

Sri Gurubyo Namaha

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