[Advaita-l] Ramana Maharshi and Shankara

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Tue Sep 8 06:17:33 CDT 2009

Michael - PraNAms

I suggest you look into SaddarshaNam talks presented in the www.advatitaforum.org where I have discussed the Bhagavan Ramana's teaching in the light of Vedanta. 

Since my posts do not appear in the list I am cc-ing to you.

Hari Om!

--- On Tue, 9/8/09, Michael Shepherd <michael at shepherd87.fsnet.co.uk> wrote:

> I apologise for asking questions
> which may have been well chewed over
> previously.. You can always refer me back to the
> archives..
> I'm interested to know how the pandits here view Ramana
> Maharshi in relation
> to Advaita Vedanta.
> It's said that Ramana achieved enlightenment 'on his own'
> (+karma) but
> later, when visitors intruded on his silent sannyasa with
> questions about
> Advaita Vedanta, taught himself Sanskrita and read
> Shankara, and declared
> himself entirely at one with Shankara..
> i have my own views as to the relation of Ramana with
> Advaita Vedanta in
> practice. But I'd like to hear the views of others on the
> essential nature
> of the relationship -- if they see one..
> Michael
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