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Narayan, namaste

I can't speak for the rishis, and I'm not one of the knowledgeable ones
here, but here's my experience as a non-Hindu (dalit?...):

On account of some work I'd done in the area of Hinduism, I was unexpectedly
invited to take darshan of a Paramahansa in private audience..

I was reluctant, since  I wasn't prepared with spiritual questions which I
might otherwise have been with more time...and I felt I would be wasting His
time and shakti..

However I was pressed to take the opportunity. In the course of the (rather
uncomfortable) darshan, I asked if requesting a sacred Hindu name would be
appropriate for me in my spiritual development. 'Yes, if you identify with
it.. '

Without further request, I was given the name.  When I went to look it up in
the Puranic Encyclopaedia, I realised that it fitted both my weaknesses and
my strengths,,,

I don't use it publicly out of respect for Hindus who I think don't like
Westerners assuming suchlike appurtenences...but I keep it close to learn
from it.
And I think that's the point : whether karma provides your forename through
parents, family, or paramahamsa -- treasure it as a karmic message to


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NamO namah!

I have a question.  It may look silly, but none-the-less, I would like the
knowledgeble ones to respond.

Although the Rsis were mantra-dhrastas and have identified Indra, Vayu,
Agni, Vishnu etc. they did not name their progenies with the name of Devas.
It is much unlike the latter day generations practice of naming children
with the Trinitys' names such as Sankara, Rama, Madhava etc.  What could be
the possible reason?

Thanks and regards,


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