[Advaita-l] Conversion story

Satish Arigela satisharigela at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 4 03:51:23 CDT 2009

>I read an English book. I don't have a clue what word HH used to mean
>spiritual progress, but I believe the translation is to the word. You
>too seem to have read it, maybe you remember.
I dont remember it either. Maybe somelese can help?
But I did assume that by "spiritual progress" it is meant "any advancement in pleasing the devata-s, i.e. various signs that the upAsaka comes across showing that the devata is pleased with the devotee, and conquering basic instincts, etc etc".. These ofcourse would help one on the path to moxa.
>But I think it is that which takes you close to moksha.
>Would you disagree?
No disagreement.
>I don't think I mentioned HH ever saying its not alright to convert to
>Hinduism, but those two golden words that would make the
>count 5! :)
So HH never said you should not convert to Hinduism. Fine.
Evidence shows spiritual progress is not hampered in any way by converting to Hinduism.
> They(Agama and smriti) are explicit that a varNa tag is not
> required(for non-Indians) to be a Hindu**

>Kindly give a reference for my benefit. I'd like to look it up and
>understand where Agama and smriti talks of this specific thing.
I was referrring to HH AVT's quote from manu. As for Agama, i already told about shrIvidyArNava. A pa~nchama is technically outside the varNa system. Like wise see the Yogini tantra where it talks about giving dIkSha to non-Indians.
>Thats interesting again. Somehow, you want me to explain what
>spiritual progress is but its already "shown" that it need not come in
>the way of practicing Hindu rituals.
Wanted to see if we have the same thing in mind when using that term.
>So perhaps, the onus is on you to
>explain what is it that won't come in the way of those rituals.
What I meant is that the "spiritual progress" which we defined will definitely happen for those sincere non-Indians who took dIkSha from traditional teachers.
Ask any well learned teacher and I am sure they wont say one will not benefit spiritually by choosing to convert to Hinduism. It is plainly illogical and contrary to reality as I see it.You may refer back to my first post to see why it is does not make any sense . Especially the scenarios I mentioned.
I wonder who translated those words of HH and how faithful that translation is.


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