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Sivaanandalahari -34किं ब्रूम-स्तव साहसं पशुपते कस्यास्ति शंभो भव-
द्धैर्यं चेदृश-मात्मन: स्थित-रियं चान्यै: कथं लभ्यते ।
भ्रश्यद्देवगणं त्रसन्मुनिगणम् नश्यत्प्रपंचं लयं
पश्यन्‍निर्भय एक एव विहरत्यानन्द-सान्द्रो भवान् ॥ ३४ ॥

kiM brUma-stava sAhasaM paSupate kasyAsti SaMBo Bava-
ddhairyaM chedRuSa-mAtmana: sthita-riyaM chAnyai: kathaM laByate |
BraSyaddevagaNaM trasanmunigaNam naSyatprapaMchaM layaM
paSyan^nirBaya eka eva viharatyAnanda-sAndro BavAn || 34 ||

Oh! Pasupati, What to Say about your courage? Oh Sambu who will have your
courage of this nature? Who can attain the state of mind like yours? Groups
of other Gods loose their balance, the Sages tremble in fear seeing the
destruction of the world and the Prlaya (total destruction of Universe).
Alone, Only you are fearless and are in state of Ananda (Ecstacy) doing your



At the time of MahapraLaya all devas from Brahma onwards fall from their
respective positions and meet with their destruction. Even gnanis who have
the knowledge of the kaalathrayam are fearful of MahapraLaya.

Hey! Parameswara! You remain a calm witness to this terrible MahapraLaya
that brings destruction to the entire universe. In fact when all has been
lost into nothing in this mahapraLaya you remain a fearless Ekan and enjoy
the bliss of solititude!

Hey! Sarveswara! How would I describe this great feat of courage of yours in
the face of immense destruction. This seems to be a play for you and the
sruthis proclaim this as follows:

“YathO vaa imaani bhoothaani jaayanthE Ena jaathaani jeevanthi |
yath prayathyamisavishanthi ||”

Everything has its origin in you. You are the protector of everything and in
the end everything is absorbed in you. Looking at this dheera saahasam of
yours the only conclusion that I come to is that you are the permanent One!
Hey! PrabhO! You cannot be said to be non-existent in the past neither would
you be non-existent in the future. Who can deny you exist in the present?

Virinci: panchatvam vrajati hariraapnothi virathim
Vinasam kinaso bhajati dhanadho yaathi nighanam |
Vithandhri maahEndhri vithathirapi sammeeLitha-drsaa
Mahaa-samhaarEsmin viharati sathi tvath-patirasau || (Soundaryalahari 26)

Brahma is reduced to elements; Hari retires into passivity; Yama himself
dies; Kubera meets with his end and Indra and his followers close their eyes
in destruction. When such, O! Chaste consort of Siva! is the state of all
beings at the time of Mahasamhaara of the universe, thy husband Sadasiva
along is sporting!

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