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Sivaanandalahari -33नालं वा सकृदेव देव भवत-स्सेवा नतिर्वा नुति:
पूजा वा स्मरणं कथाश्रवण-मप्यालोकनं मादृशाम् ।
स्वामिन्‍नस्थिर-देवतानुसरणायासेन किं लभ्यते
का वा मुक्‍ति-रित: कुतो भवति चेत् किं प्रार्थनीयं तदा ॥ ३३ ॥

nAlaM vA sakRudeva deva Bavata-ssevA natirvA nuti:
pUjA vA smaraNaM kathASravaNa-mapyAlokanaM mAdRuSAm |
svAmin^nasthira-devatAnusaraNAyAsena kiM laByate
kA vA muk^ti-rita: kuto Bavati chet kiM prArthanIyaM tadA || 33 ||

Oh God of Gods, will serving you or prostrating before you or praying to you
or worshipping you or meditating on you or listening to your stories or
seeing you even once be not sufficient for people like me to get liberation?
If that is not liberation what is? If one can get liberation in this way
what else is there for one to desire? What is the use of the trouble of
praying to other unstable Gods ?



Hey!Parameswara! You are the lord of Mahakailaash. You give mangalam to the
entire universe. You keep doing indescribably wonderous leelas! When your
kaaruNyam is so vast, is it not enough if deenas like me do a saashtaanga
namaskaram to attain mOksha? Or is not the chanting of the Vedic manthras
that brings out the mahima of you enough? Or is it not enough if I repeat
the stuthis of great rishis? Or is it not enough if I sing ThEvaaram or
Thiruvaachagam? Or is it not enough to just do the smaraNam of your manthra
swaroopam in my heart? Or is it not enough to do sravaNam of Saiva puraaNaas
with great devotion? Or is it not enough if I merely have the dharshan of
Siva Lingam on Sivaraathri day? Or it is said "Eka bilvadhaanathOpithOshiNE
Nama: Sivaaya', so is it not enough to do arpaNam of a BilwadhaLam at your
lotus feet?

Hey! SarvEswara! when I can get Moksham by observing any one of the above
why would I do Bajanam of anya devathas who have their abhimaanam in their
respective lokas with which they have become inseparable, knowing full well
that all lokas are going to be lost in mahapraLaya?

In Bhagavat Geetha it is said: 'swalpamapyasya dharmasya thraayathE mahathO
bhayaath', so if a person performs any one of the above worships even once,
he will be relieved of the samsaara bhayam and he is sure to attain Nithya
MOksha Sukham.

புண்ணியஞ் செய்வார்க்குப் பூவுண்டு நீருண்டு
அண்ணல் அதுகண் டருள்புரி யாநிற்கும்
எண்ணிலி பாவிகள் எம்மிறை யீசனை
நண்ணறி யாமல் நழுவுகின் றாரே.

Aum Namasivaaya!

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