[Advaita-l] sacchidananda and sat-chit-ananda

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Yes, the entity is only one. If we say Lord Shiva is the Brahman (the seer or the witness) then we say that Mother Parvati is the Chit Shakti (the Universal Consciousness), no different from Brahman and the Ananda is the cosciousness of the bliss (of the oneness).

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I apologise in advance if this is a well-worn theme ; but it is one which is
beyond the normal scope of grammar-books :

Does internal sandhi tell of more than the 'joining' of words in the mind ?
Does it imply a sublation, or transcendence, of the individual terms, rather
as a sentence may become a unit in itself ?

I'm thinking of such an example as sacchidananda : is it reminding us that
rather than what we define for ourselves as truth or knowledge,
consciousness, and bliss, and endeavour to imagine as a 'state', that ananda
can only be known as the truth and consciousness of bliss -- i.e. not
'bliss' as some experience in itself ?

And correspondingly, truth can only be known in the consciousneess of bliss,
and consciousness in the bliss of truth, etc..

I hope this makes some sense as a question; and once again, apologies if
this is a well-worn discussion. Though I'd still like to be informed of the
(blissfully conscious) truth of it !


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