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Sivaanandalahari - 29त्वत्पादांबुज-मर्चयामि परमं त्वां चिन्तयाम्यन्वहं
त्वामीशं शरणं व्रजामि वचसा त्वामेव याचे विभो ।
वीक्षां मे दिश चाक्षुषीं सकरुणां दिव्यै-श्‍चिरं प्रार्थितां
शंभो लोकगुरो मदीयमनस-स्सौख्योपदेशं कुरु ॥ २९ ॥

tvatpAdAMbuja-marchayAmi paramaM tvAM chintayAmyanvahaM
tvAmISaM SaraNaM vrajAmi vachasA tvAmeva yAche viBo |
vIkShAM me diSa chAkShuShIM sakaruNAM divyai-S^chiraM prArthitAM
SaMBo lokaguro madIyamanasa-ssauKyopadeSaM kuru || 29 ||

I pray at your lotus like feet, All Pervading Lord. I mediate upon you, the
Supreme. I surrender to you, God. I pray only to you with words. Oh Sambhu,
bestow on me your divine compassionate glance which is always sought by
those living in Devaloka. Oh! Lokaguru, initiate me to the supreme happiness
of my mind.



சந்திப்ப்து நந்தி தன்திருத் தாளிணை
சிந்திப்பது நந்தி செய்ய திருமேனி
வந்திப்ப்து நந்தி நாமம் என் வாய்மையாற்
புந்திக்குள் நிற்பது நந்திபொற் போதமே.

MarthyOmruthyuvyaalabheetha: palaayan lokaansarvaannirmayam naadhyagacchath
Thwathpaadhaabjam chavya yaddrucchayaaya kasya: sEthE mruthyurasmaadhapaithi

AachaaryaaL describes the lotus feet of Shiva as ‘Param’. Hey! Parameswara!
Your lotus feet give the one who has surrendered to them the surpassing
freedom from Mruthyu. This Mruthyu is like a horrible snake of birth and
death, the one that spits and devours, fearing whom one roams all the worlds
endlessly. The terror of this Mruthyu is impossible to overcome until your
lotus feet save him who surrenders to you. What a great relief of immense
proportion that your lotus feet can bring to the distressed! Your
Charanaaravindham enables one to experience nithya sukhaanubhavam.

Hey! Sarvavyaapaka! For eons Brahma, Hari and other devas have been waiting
for your karunaa kataaksham. I am quite small compared to them, yet I have
abandoned everything and surrendered to you. You are alone my saviour. So
please do show me your kataaksham. Hey! Loka GurO! Since vishaya sukham is
anithyam please do give me sowkyOpadEsam because ‘Easwara: Sarva
Vidyaanaam’, you are all the vidya and you are the only Guru!

Guru Maharaaj Guru Jai Jai Parabrahma SwaroopaNam.

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