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Michael and Vishy - 'I slept well" is not inference but experience recollection.

Let me show you the difference.

I was alone in my room and my wife brought a plate full of laddus and left it there and when she can back she found that the plate is empty. She accused me that I eat all that laddu. Now she did not see my eating that laddu - from her point my eating laddu is pure inference. 

If no one saw me eating, everybody can infer that I eat the laddus. But that inferential laddu will not fill my stomach. suppose I was really innocent and some cat or some dog came and cleaned the plate and left and I am sitting there and meditating finer things in life than laddus. Everybody thinks by inference I eat laddu but I have no experience of eating laddu and in fact I am now hungrier and want to eat that laddu that everybody accusing me that I eat. 

I eat laddu not because of inference; I am now so full that I cannot eat anything else. I say the laddu was good. That is experiential laddu not inferential laddu. 

The law memory is the experiencer and the recollecter has to be one and the same - hence I slept well because there is no duality and all problems are solved. From the point of the waking mind, yes it is but there is a sakshii who is witnessing the absence of thoughts in that state. That state is an experience. Hence the statement for which I have to use the mind that was not there to express - I slept well.

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Hari Om!

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> vishy
> I think you're right. 'I slept well' when said in the
> waking state is not knowledge, but inference ?
> Fortunately, chitta is present in deep sleep, which
> experiences and records the refreshment for our enjoyment
> next morning !
> Michael
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> Shri Anbuji,
> Pranams
> I feel the small mind and i (ahankara ) is one and same.
> Small mind is nothing but "i" thought that is ever present.
> In deep sleep state even that is absent. Just that peace
> ,which is experienced without small mind and intellect, is
> recorded in chitta, which is recalled (as I slept well) by
> 'i' when becomes active again in the morning.
> Pranams once again
> Vishy

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