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Sivaanandalahari - 25 (2)During the time of kruthayuga it occurred to Devas
and asuras that they have to overcome old age and death. With a view to
realizing it they used Mount Meru as the rod and the great snake Vasuki as
the rope and began to churn the milky ocean for amrutham. They did this for
over a thousand years! Suddenly from the belly of the ocean came the most
terrible poison called Haalaahalam and seeing this Naradha Muni shouted a
dire warning:

na kaarya madhanam chaabdhai: bhavadbhiradhunaakhilai:
praarthayadvam shivam dEvaa: sarvE dhakshasya yaajanam
thaddhismruthim cha vO yaatha veerabhadrENa yathkrutham ||

That is, Hey! Devas! Hey! Asuraas! Danger! Danger! Stop churning the ocean!
Immediately start doing the smaraNa of Parameswara who is the Sarva
Rakshakan. Don’t you know what happened before in Dhaksha Prajaapathi’s
yagna which was started without SivasravaNam? Was it not completely
destroyed by mahaparaakraman Veerabhadran? Therefore O! Devas and asuraas!
Without further thought “thasmaachchiva: smaryathaam’, begged Saint
Naaradha. However driven by the desire to get amrutham they turned out to be
jada buddhaas so they never stopped churning the ocean. Because of this
Aalaahalam rose in terrible form.

DhagdhaadhO brahmanOlOkam VaikuNtam cha dhadhaaha vai |
Kaalakootaagninaa dhagdhO Vishnu: sarvaguhaasaya: ||
Paarshadhai: sahitha: sadhya: thamaala sadrusanchavi: |
VaikuNtam cha suneelam sarvalOkai: samaavrutham ||

It burnt down Brahmaloka first. Then it burnt down VaikuNtam too. Vishnu
also got burnt in the melee that he got charred blue. Hearing the cry of
Naaradha, Brahma Vishnu and other devas began chanting Sri Rudhram that
starts with the sloka ‘NamasthE Rudhra ManyavE’.

KruthvaaspapiNdam paaNistham bhagavaan hara:
sarvalOkahithaarthaaya bhagavaan paramesvara: ||
kandasthamakarOthpraasya leelayaamarapoojitha: ||

Immediately KaruNaamoorthy Parameswara took that adhigOra aalaahala visham
in his hand and playfully threw it into his mouth! Realizing that this
terrible poison might burn down the entire creation that lives at the
pleasure of the Lord, Parvathi put her hand at his throat and stopped Shiva
from swallowing it. Yielding to the desire of his consort Shiva let the
poison stay in his throat that turned his throat blue like an ornament
embedded there. That is why the Veda says: ‘namo neelagreevaaya cha’.

Recalling this wonderous leela of Parameswara narrated in detail in Skanda
Purana, alone would relieve the bhaktha of all his miseries. There is no
doubt about it.

‘Vedhathrayee thrinEthraaNi’ says the saasthra and AachaaryaaL echos this in
Sivaanandalahari as ‘ThriNayanam’.

Being hugged by saakshaath paraambikai Uma, Parameswara bestows mangalam to
the three worlds. This is highlighted by AachaaryaaL when he says,

Parameswara holds the Vedas in the form of a deer in his hand is known from
AachaaryaaL’s expression ‘Mrugadharam’, indicating Parameswara removes the
thaapathraya of the praaNis who surrender to him. Also sathrunaasam is
indicated by the parasu in his hands by the word ‘khandaparasum’. The poison
that is capable of destroying all the worlds is but an ornament adorning his
neck is known from the expression ‘neelagreevam’. ‘VrushO dharma ithi
prOkthasthamaaroodasthathO vashi’ says the saasthra noting that vrishabham
is of dhrmaswaroopam.

Thus, AachaaryaaL crys out to Shiva as follows:

Hey! Parameswara! When can I see you carrying the slender deer on the one
hand and the bright mazhu on the other as Neelagreeva and Thrinayana hugged
by Uma, you both sitting majestically on the dhaarmic vrishabham surrounded
by the vedic chanting devas such as Brahma and Vishnu and ecstatic dancers
like Bringi and others shouting their JayagOsham?

துங்கமழு மானுடையாய் சூலப்படையுடையாய்
திங்களணி செஞ்சடையாய் சேவுடையாய் - மங்கையொரு
பாலுடையாய் செங்கட்பணியாய் என் சென்னியின்மேல் காலுடையாய் நீயே கதி.

Hara Hara Mahaadeva SambO kaasi Viswanaatha GangE!

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