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Sivaanandalahari - 24कदा वा कैलासे कनकमणिसौधे सहगणै-
र्वसन् शंभोरग्रे स्पुट-घटित-मूर्धांजलिपुट: ।
विभो सांब स्वामिन् परमशिव पाहीति निगदन्
विधातृणां कल्पान् क्षणमिव विनेष्यामि सुखत: ॥ २४ ॥

kadA vA kailAse kanakamaNisaudhe sahagaNai-
rvasan SaMBoragre spuTa-ghaTita-mUrdhAMjalipuTa: |
viBo sAMba svAmin paramaSiva pAhIti nigadan
vidhAtRuNAM kalpAn kShaNamiva vineShyAmi suKata: || 24 ||

When will I happily spend long times like the Kalpas of Brahmas as a second
by praying to you for protection with my hands raised above the head and
palms together in salutation, living with the Sivaganas in front of You,
Omnipresent Lord Shiva, the doer of all good, who is with Ambika, and who
resides in the mount of Kalasa, seated on the golden mansion embedded with



In this sloka AachaaryaaL worships saalOka-saameepa-mOkshaanandham.

Hey Parameswara! When I do smaraNam to you, you are telling me that you
would give me vidhithwam or vishnuthwam. I never asked for these. I am
asking for the MOkshaanandham of your sannidhaanam. How will I be capable of
describing the vaibhavam of your sannidhaanam otherwise? How would I do the
smaraNam of it? When would I see it? When would I have this anubhavam?

Hey PrabhO! When am I going to find the happiness of seeing you seated in
the jewel bedecked simhaasanam with Gowri in Kailaash? When am I going to
have the dhivya dharisanam of your sannidhaanam in the company of such great
ganas as Nandikeswarar, Chandikeswarar, Bringi and so on? Hey ParamporuLe!
You are the root cause of sukham. Aren’t you a paraadheena? I do not wish to
have your dharshan all alone but to see you worshipped by the millions of
bhakthaas. Because then I would be touched by those milling bhakthaas and
would instantly be purified. The mahimaa of such purity would be the gaining
of your poorNa kataaksham because of which my janma would get the sabalam.

“Pasoonaam janmanaamanthE sivabhakthi: prajaayathE” says the saasthra. Only
by the sat karmas performed in crores of janmaas could one get the
sivabhakthi. Hey KaruNaanidhE! When am I going to have the experience of the
baagyaadhisayam of standing in the midst of the bhakthakotis with my hands
held together over my head in your sannidhaanam? In that Hey Parameswara! I
wish to stand along with your prathamaganas and cry out Hey VibhO! Hey
Saambu! Hey Swaamin! Hey Paramaa! Hey Shivaa! Please save me from the
thaapathraya! When am I going to have the sukhaanubhavam of crying and
spending eons of time as if they are like seconds? (This is to underline
that kaalam is unimportant in the sannidhi of Jithakaala.)

In this sloka AachaaryaaL says, ‘Ganai: saha’ to highlight the importance of
being in the midst of bhakthakotis. This has been brought out amply in
Sivapaadhaadhi Kesaandara SthOthram as follows:

“DEvEbyO dhaanavEbya: pithrumuniparishathsadhdhavidyaadharEbya:
saadhyEbyachaaraNEbyO manujapasupathajjaathikeetaadhikEbya: |
sreekailaasapraroodaasthruNavidapimukhaschaapi yE santhi thEbya:
sarvEbyO nirvichaaram nathimuparachayE sarvapaadhaasrayEbya: ||”

The thaathparyam of this is that all the different bhakthas be it devaas or
asuraas or pithrus or maharshis or siddhaas or saadhyaas or vidhyaadharaas
or saaraNaas or naras or pasus or birds or insects or even the grass and
twigs in Kailaash are NOT seen differently but as Kailaasa sambandhis.

Kailaasa Vaasa Kanakasabhesaa GowrisamEdha namOsthuthE!

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