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Sivaanandalahari - 21धृति-स्तंभाधारां दृढगुण-निबद्धां सगमनां
विचित्रां पध्माढ्यां प्रति-दिवस-सन्मार्ग-घटिताम् ।
स्मरारे मच्चेत:-स्फुट-पट-कुटीं प्राप्य विशदां
जय स्वामिन् शक्त्या सह शिवगणै-स्सेवित विभो ॥ २१ ॥

dhRuti-staMbhAdhArAM dRuDhaguNa-nibaddhAM sagamanAM
vichitrAM padhmADhyAM prati-divasa-sanmArga-ghaTitAm |
smarAre machcheta:-sphuTa-paTa-kuTIM prApya viSadAM
jaya svAmin SaktyA saha SivagaNai-ssevita viBo || 21 ||

Oh! Enemy of Manmatha, having entered the spotless spacious tent of my mind
which has courage as the central pillar tied by the rope of determination,
capable of going to any desired place, beautiful, lotus shaped and which is
placed in the right path daily, Oh Lord, who is worshipped by SivaGanas,
occupy it with Shakti and may you be victorious.


* Aum

Hey! SmaraarE! Enemy of Manmathaa! You attained jithakaamathvam by opening
your third eye on Kaama the prime enemy of Gnananmaarga and burnt him to

Swamin! You are the protector of all species from Brahma to the smallest
insect by your swaathanthriyam of absolute control over Ichchaa Shakthi,
Kriyaa Shakthi and Gnana Shakthi.

(The names ‘SmaraarE’ and ‘Swaamin’ indicate the thadastha lakshaNam).

Hey! VibhO! You are the Sarvavyaapi. The Veda Says:
“Eko Vishu: Mahath bhootham pruthak bhoothaan anekasa: |
threen lOkaan vyaaptha bhoothaathmaa bhunkthE viswabhugavyaya: ||”

Hey! Sivaa! You are the most auspicious One!

(The names VibhO and Sivaa indicate the swaroopa lakshanam).

Hey! Parameswara! None can have his work done without your prasaadham.
Therefore I need to have the Ekaagra chinthana of your divya swaroopam in my
heart but I have not been able to do so. This is because I have been
thinking of this dwaitha prapancham as real and it became the central pillar
of mental tent. This tent has been fastened by strong ropes called the
thrigunaas of sathwam, rajas and thamas. Surprisingly this mental tent is
capable of moving all around to many different places! Lo and behold! This
mental tent has a built in strength of sustenance called ‘praarabdha
vaasanaas’. Alas! It is completely filled with innumerable desires for
wealth and so on.

மெய்யில் வாழ்க்கையை மெய்யெனக் கொள்ளுமிவ்
வையந் தன்னொடுங் கூடுவதில்லை யான்.

O! SmaraarE! Swaamin! VibhO! Shivaa! Can you please remove these desires
from my tent of the mind and occupy it as Shakthi SamEdhaaL so I will always
have Sivaanubhavam in me?

Sivoham, Sivoham.

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