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*Sivaanandalahari - 18 (1)* त्वमेको लोकानां परमफलदो दिव्य-पदवीं
वहन्त-स्त्वन्मूलां पुनरपि भजन्ते हरिमुखा: ।
कियद्वा दाक्षिण्यं तव शिव मदाशा च कियती
कदा वा मद्रक्षां वहसि करुणा-पूरित-दृशा ॥ १८ ॥

tvameko lokAnAM paramaphalado divya-padavIM
vahanta-stvanmUlAM punarapi bhajante harimukhA: |
kiyadvA dAkShiNyaM tava Siva madASA cha kiyatI
kadA vA madrakShAM vahasi karuNA-pUrita-dRuSA || 18 ||

Oh! Shiva ! You are the only one who gives the best results to the people of
the world. Vishnu and others who have got divine positions from you pray to
you repeatedly to attain more and more for further such positions. Your
compassion for those who come to you is limitless and so are my desires
limitless. When will you take up the task of my protection by your graceful


வாழ்த்துவதும் வானவர்கள் தாம் வாழ்வான் மனநின்பால்
தாழ்த்துவதும் தாயமுயர்ந்து தம்மையெல்லாந் தொழவேண்டிச்
சூழ்த்துமது கரமுரலுந் தாரோயை நாயடியேன்
பாழ்த்த பிரப்பறுத்திடுவான் யானுமுன்னைப் பரவுவனே.

The state of realization of "Aham Brahmaasmi" is the state of Moksha. Every
praaNi should therefore strive to attain this state of Gnana. To this one
certainly needs the anugraham of Parameswara.

Hey! Lokanaatha! Brahma, Vishnu and other Devas propitiate you in order to
get lOkas such as BrahmalOka, VaikuNta, swarga etc. They continue to
propitiate you to preserve their respective lOkas. A simili comes to my
mind. In the case of a pot it was in the clay before it became a pot. It
continues to be the clay even when it is a pot. It remains the clay when the
pot is broken. In the same way even though the three periods of time known
as kaalathrayam is subject to destruction You as the Parabrahman alone
shines for ever. All that are seen are anithyam because they are subject to
destruction. Therefore those lOkas such as VaikuNtam etc. that were created
by the assemblage of many parts would also come to an end. In Geetha Sri
Krishna says:

"aabramhabhuvanaallOka: punaraavarthinOrjuna"


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