[Advaita-l] Sivaanandalahari - 16

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Sivaanandalahari - 16विरिंचि-दीर्घायु-र्भवतु भवता तत्परशिर-
श्‍चतुष्कं संरक्ष्यं स खलु भुवि दैन्यं लिखितवान् ।
विचार: को वा मां विशद कृपया पाति शिव ते
कटाक्ष-व्यापार: स्वयमपि च दीनावन-पर: ॥ १६ ॥

viriMchi-dIrghAyu-rbhavatu bhavatA tatparaSira-
S^chatuShkaM saMrakShyaM sa khalu bhuvi dainyaM likhitavAn |
vichAra: ko vA mAM viSada kRupayA pAti Siva te
kaTAkSha-vyApAra: svayamapi cha dInAvana-para: || 16 ||

Long live Brhama . May his other four heads deserve your protection because
he is the one who wrote my fate of poverty in this earth. Oh Lord who is
clear as crystal and embodiment of all good things, you protect me as you
protect all the poor ,by your graceful glance.



விதியையும் விதித்தென்னை விதித்திட்ட
மதியையும் விதித் தம்பதி மாயையிற்
பதிய வைத்த பசுபதி நின்னருட்
கதியை எப்படி கன்டு களிப்பதே.

Hey! Nirmalaswaroopa! I am not worried about the writing of my fate by
Brahma. So please do not pinch away his other four heads just because he has
destined me, your devotee, to be poor. Let him live his complete life. After
all he wrote my fate only because of my own past karma and not out of his
fancy. Also because he wrote off my life to be poor that I am able to be
humble and have your name in my lips all the time. You, who are hard to
reach even for Brahma and Hari, are but close to me in my heart. This is
because Brahma has made me a ‘dheenan’. I thank him for this and I pray for
his long life!

Aachaaryaal expresses the same sentiment in the following verse in
Soundaryalahari to describe the fear of Brahma towards Maheswara that He
might nip off his other four heads. So Brahma surrenders to the Mother to
save himself.

“MruNaalee mrudhvinaam thava bhujalathaanaam chathasruNaam
chathurbhi: soundarya sarasijabhava: sthouthi vadhanai: |
nakhaibhya: santhrasyan prathama madhanaadhandhakaripO:
chathurNaam seershaaNaam samam abhaya hasthaarpaNadhiyaa ||

Therefore, O! PrabhO! I have the strong belief that because of your
kataaksham (English is a very poor language to express this and many other
words!) I would get over kaama, krOdha, lObha, mOha, madha, maathsaryam and
other greater base desires and become a vimukthaa who would be engaged in
constant dhyaanam of you. Your kataaksham is so cool that it wards off the
three worst thaapa called adhyaathmikam, athideivikam, and athiboudhikam. I
therefore really have nothing to worry.

SambO! Mahaadeva!

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