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Sivaanandalahari - 15
उपेक्षा नो चेत् किन्‍न हरसि भवद्-ध्यान-विमुखां
दुराशा-भूयिष्ठां विधि- लिपि-मशक्‍तो यदि भवान् ।
शिर-स्तद्वैधात्रं न नखलु सुवृत्तं पशुपते
कथं वा निर्यत्नं करनख-मुखेनैव लुलितम् ॥ १५ ॥

upekShA no chet kin^na harasi bhavad-dhyAna-vimukhAM
durASA-bhUyiShThAM vidhi- lipi-maSak^to yadi bhavAn |
Sira-stadvaidhAtraM na nakhalu suvRuttaM paSupate
kathaM vA niryatnaM karanakha-mukhenaiva lulitam || 15 ||

Oh Pasupathi! If you are not unfavourable to me in protecting me why did you
not change the fate written by Brahma and which has given me a mind full of
all evil desires and does not concentrate on meditating on you? If you are
not powerful enough to do so how did you effortlessly pluck the Brahama’s
head which is strong and cannot be easily removed?


* Hey! Parameswara! When I am in so much pain and suffering in this
samsaara, it is not nice of you to tell me that Brahma has written my fate
in my forehead due to my praarabdha karma and so neither you nor Hari has
the ability to change it. I think you are telling stories like this to evade
me. KarunaamoorthE! May I remind you of your powerful deed in punishing
Brahma for his lie!

பிரமனும் மாலும் பிரானே நான் என்னப்
பிரமன் மால் தங்கள் தம் பேதைமை யாலே
பரமன் அனலாய் பரந்துமுன் னிற்க
அரனடி தேடி அரற்றுகின்றாரே

அடிமுடி காண்பார் அயன்மால் இருவர்
படிகண்டிலர் மீண்டும் பார்மிசைக்கூடி
அடிகண்டிலேன் என்றச்சுதன் சொல்ல
முடிகண்டேன் என்றயன் பொய் மொழிந்தானே.

In the days of yore, Brahma and Vishnu fought among themselves as to who the
greatest and they came to you O! Parameswara! to adjudicate their dispute.
You instantly stood before them as a great column of fire and asked them to
find your head or foot. Vishnu took the form of a boar and began to dig the
earth to know your foot. In this endeavour he began to get burnt by the heat
of the your fire and he gave up and came to you and accepted his defeat and
declared that you are the greatest. Brahma on the other hand mounted on his
vehicle swan and flew in the sky to find your head and he too could not
succeed. However he came back and lied to you that he has seen your head.
Angry at his lie you plucked one of his five heads (that is why Brahma has
only four heads) and instantly punished him. Such is your power against
Brahma. Therefore I do not believe that you cannot save me from the writing
of my fate by Brahma.

Arunaachala Siva, Annamalaikku AraharOhara!

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