[Advaita-l] A Perspective - 4

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Sat Nov 7 09:31:27 CST 2009

Sunilji - PraNAms

Yes If Krishna finds that the yogi has a pure mind and is longing for moksha, then either he will make sure that the yogi will get proper teacher or he himslef will comedown and teach.

When the student is ready for knowlede and want to have that knowledge, he wlll find the appropriate teacher- that is the law.

Hari Om!

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> dedicated Niskaama karma yogi dedeicates the karma phal to
> Lord Krishna will Lord Krishna ever abandon him? After doing
> Niaskaama karma has he to worry if he would have the fate of
> Trishanku or will he fall to the ways full of desire? Would
> Lord Krishna not come to his rescue, in whatever form, to
> give him the ultimate knowledge?

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