[Advaita-l] Sivaanandalahari - 8

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Sivaanandalahari - 8 (2)In prakrthi, we see sukthi rajatham all around. We
cannot call it ‘asat’ for we know it exists and at the same time we cannot
call it ‘Sat’ either for it does not last. Since their rajatha gnaanam is
seen to end in time we come to the conclusion that all objects are of ‘sat
vilakshaNam’. If the rajatha gnaanam is held to be ‘asat’ then it has to
remain unknown like a hare with two horns, however we do see the objects
therefore they are not ‘asat’ and we have to conclude that this rajatha
gnaanam has ‘asat vilakshaNam’. But then we have concluded earlier that this
rajatha gnaanam has ‘sat vilakshaNam’! This is truly contradictory!! Since
sukthi rajatham is seen to have both ‘sat vilakshanam’ and ‘asat
vilakshaNam’ Vedaanthis call it as false, poi, mithya.

What do we understand from this? Clearly ‘Sat’ is not false for it exists
for ever. And ‘asat’ is also not false for it never exists. What is false is
that which seems to exist but not really, that entity that has ‘sat-asat
vilakshaNam”. What is the cause of this? It is the ‘brama’, the error, the
confusion. You may say that it is seen to be real in everyday life by our
own prathyakshaanubhava, however, we would not accept that they are products
of yadhaartha gnaanam. Just as those objects we see in our dream are real
during our dream time and yet they disappear without a trace when we wake
up, these objects that have ‘sat-asat vilakshaNam’ give us a sense of
reality as we enjoy them but have no reality in paaramaarthika dhasaa.
Therefore O! ParamporuLe! Your swaroopam is the adhishttanam for everything.
It is only due to the root avidya that people due to ‘brama’ imagine
thousand different devathaas and worship them. Hey Prabho! Their actions,
however in no way bring down your Mahath. In reality your swaroopam, no
doubt, remains as Chith, as Sadhaanandham, as Advitheeyam, as Akandam, as
Achalam, as Kootastham, as Pragnaanaganam and above all as Shivam. Hey
PasupathE! It is true that you pervade all the anyadevathaas that were
projected on you just as the rope pervades the snake that was projected on
it by brama.

If people say that even though the anyadevathaas were projected on you due
to brama yet because your are their adhishtaanam that they have borrowed
your existence and are shining with it and therefore worshipping them would
tantamount to worshipping you. But O! Parameswara! These people are wrong
because those projected deities get destroyed in time and thus they have
binnathwam of their existence whereas you are the real SAT that is
indestructible. Therefore even though these projected deities borrowed your
existence they have never been in you. AachaaryaaL says in his Geetha
Bhaashyam, “Dhivishta ivaadhithyE kalpithaani jalachalanaadheeni mayi
kapithaani bhoothaani, paramaarthathO, mayi na santhi” and also the Sruthi
“asango nahisajjathE”.


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