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*Sivaanandalahari - 7 (2)*

அஞ்சும் அடக்கடக் கென்பர் அறிவிலர்
அஞ்சும் அடக்கும் அமரரும் அன்கிலை
அஞ்சும் அடக்கில் அசேதனமா மென்றிட்டு
அஞ்சும் அடக்கா அறிவறிந் தேனே.

Here the Saint Thirumoolar tells us that it is not possible to control the
indhriyaas because it would be to go against their nature. What is their
nature? The nature of the sense organs is to go towards the sense objects.
What happens when they go to the sense objects? The indhriyas get hurt and
the mind is drawn towards the sense objects and away from the Self. This is
like the fly that get attracted by the fire and eventually consumed by it.
Instead if the indhriyas are directed towards the worship of Easwara then
they would by default not go towards sense objects. This is what Thirumoolar
means by saying “அஞ்சும் அடக்கா அறிவு”

“Aathmaavaa arE dhrashtavya: srOthravyO manthavyO nidhidyaasithavya:” This
upanishadic statement teaches us the importance of dhyaanam to attain
Brahmasaakshaathkaaram. Why dhyaanam? Because it is the surest way to
disengage the indhriyas whose tendency is to go to sense objects and (thus)
turn the mind to bahirmukham. Dhyaanam turns the mind inwards into
antharmukham and because of this the indhriyaas are automatically put to
rest. “Paramasthu pumaan dhyaathO, dhrushta: keerthitha: sthutha:
sampoojitha: smrutha: praNatha paapmana: sarvaanunmoolayathi” so say the
saasthra. By sticking to a maarga of any of Shiva swaroopa dhyaana or Shiva
swaroopa dharsana, or Shiva naama sankeerthana or Shiva sthuthi or Shiva
pooja or just Shiva namaskaara it would burn the jeeva’s sins root and stem.
It also burns the soham and moham that causes the karmas of punya and paapa
which in turn causes one to be born and dead repeatedly in this ocean of
samsaara. Needless to say that there can be no other mangala swaroopam than
Shiva. Knowing that Shiva kainkaryam alone is capable of giving MOksha, one
should dedicate his mind to the sacred feet of Shiva and it will bring all
indhriyaas into focus in the worship of Shiva.

தத்துவப்பேயோடே தலையடித்துக் கொள்ளாமல்
வைத்த வருள் மோன வள்ளலையே--நித்த மன்பு
பூணக்கருது நெஞ்சு போற்றக்கர மெழும்புங்
காணத்துடிக்கு மிருகண்.

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