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Sivaanandalahari - 6 (continued -1)What can stop the terrible arrival of
Yama? It is the Saakshaath ParamEswaraaL’s Paadham. In order to attain it
all the praanis have to do Shiva bajanam. That is the easiest way to stop
Yama. When this is so, ‘dhus-tharkaath suviramyathaam’, why do you do himsa
to your buddhi by indulging in arguments that have no relevance to the
Sruthi just because it gives you small pleasures? This is not the best way
nor is it advisable to reduce your buddhi which is capable of understanding
the most subtle meanings of the Sruthi.

‘Naanya: panthaa vidyathE ayanaaya’. Moksha cannot be attained without
resorting to Brahmavichaaram. Every mumukshu should be steadfast in
conducting his inquiry and therefore please understand that arguments are
not totally discouraged. However ‘dhus-tharkaathsu viraagyathaam’, it is
necessary to shun kutharka vaadham. You should only do anusandhaanam of
Sruthi related tharka. This secret was given to Nachikethus by Yama in the
manthra ‘naishaa tharkENamathiraapanEya’. Yama says that all arguments that
are unrelated to Sruthi are incapable of delivering Maksha padhavi.

கற்றதுங் கேட்டதுந்தானே ஏதுக்காக
கடபடமென் றுருட்டுதற்கோ கல்லால் எம்மான்
குற்றமறக் கைகாட்டுங் கருத்தைக் கண்டு
குணங்குறியற் றின்பநிட்டை கூட அன்றோ

Thus to be interested in and brought into swaanubhoothi of Sruthi related
tharka one should have done sukruthu in many janmaas. No way could it be
otherwise. Even if a person has attained the Gnana that the Aathmaswaroopam
is non-different from Brahman because of his poorva punya that enabled him
to know it through the saasthras such as tharkam, Veda pramaanam, nyaayam
etc. you cannot definitely say that he has attained Moksha. This is because
people have the tendency, at the very moment of attaining kinchitha gnaanam,
afflicted by kaama and krodha etc., begin to roam around thinking there is
no one greater than them. In such state if one does the tharka even those
that relate to the Sruthi there is no benefit if there is ahambhaavam and
lack of Parameswara bhakthi. Only those who have dhruda bhakthi to Gnaana
dhaatha Shambu can alone get Moksha. This is emphasized in ‘yathaa gnaanam
vinaa mukthi: naasthyupaaya sathairapi| Thathaa bhakthim vinaa gnaanam
naasthyupaayasathairapi|| That is, just as you cannot attain Mukthi without
Brahmagnaanam, you cannot also attain Brahmagnaanam and Mukthi without
dhruda bhakthi of Parameswara. This is emphasized by Sri Bhagavat Paadhaal
in this sloka.

(contd. in next posting)

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