[Advaita-l] Sankhya & Yoga

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Tue May 26 14:04:26 CDT 2009

Dear Shri Bhattacharjya & Shri Srikanta


It was me who thought Purusha could be lower than PrakRti, becauase the higher position was occupied by Hara. This is not a major item but we can see there are some differences between sAmkhya as known to s'v U and sAmkhya as we know today. We can agree to disagree and hope we can understand this better.  


I am not very supportive of the wording 'denial of individual self', because this can create many needless conflicts in logic. Is this wording a part of sAmkhya? At times when you may be identified with higher devas, how do you 'deny the individual self'? in which case you have to deny Indra?


I like the part about viveka khyAti in sAmkhya.  This seems to be a form of controlled automation of the learning process that spreads knowledge of one liberated cell to rest, so that the higher devas can be invoked by a mere glance. 




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