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Dear Member
What we call as free will is a relative term.This so called free will is 
governed by our vasanas and past karmas.Compared to lesser species like 
animals we can at the maximum distinguish between good and bad actions and 
try to moderate them to live creditably in society which animals lack.They 
are spontaneous in action but we we are scheming..We are overpowered by 
Anger and Desire products of Rajasic temperament.We lose reason many a time 
and regret at leisure for our emotional actions.so there is no free will so 
to say.Krishnamoorthy.

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> This is with reference to the discussion on the topic, free
> will.Infact,when the karma starts to operate in the life pf a person,there
> is no freewill.for instance,a hungry person has no free will.Free will may
> act in certain cicumstances like "going to a picture",he may go or choose
> to not going to the picture.In some circumstances,the doership cannot be
> removed.
>                                                    N.Srikanta.
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