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Subject: Adwaita-Sankhya and Yoga

Adwaita-Sankhya and Yoga

Dear Sri Michael Shepherd
With reference to your Email of May 9,sorry I could not reply earlier.It
is not clear that the words,"Sankhya" and "Yoga" were used with the
implication intended.Though in the commentary of Shankara they are meant
as "Jnana" and "Karmayoga" respectively,it requires still further
elaboration.The present day scholars take these terms as Jnana yoga and
the Karmayoga,why the words Sankhya and yoga were used in the
Further, we find the chapters as "Guna traya vibhaga yoga","Sankhya
yoga"etc.in the Bhagawadgita.If the Vedanta as we understand today
prevailed in the times of Bhagawadgita,why these terms were used?The
word,"sthithaprajna" is distinctively Yogic.I see that the Vedanta which
prevailed in those times included "Sankhya' and 'Yoga" systems liberally
when compared with the present.
Thanking You,                                               with regards,

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