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Dear Shri Jaldhar


Thanks for clarifying. s'vEtAs'vatara VI.13 says 


nityo nityAnAm chetanaschetanAnAm eko bahUnAm yo vidadhAti kAmAn 

tat kAraNam sAnkhyayogAdhigamyam jnAtvA devam muchyate sarva pAs'ou. 


The word adhigamyam might be interesting to debate. gamyam is goal and adhigamyam 

could mean chief of goals. The prefix adhi some times adds an extra level of command, 

like pati - adhipati, though not always. In case of mahAsamhitas of Tai.Up, adhibhUtaM etc 

ending with adhyAtmaM it is unlikely the prefix adhi takes us above the individual components 

of each mahAsamhita. E.g., what can be higher than Atma unless we are talking of paramAtma? 

The mahAsamhitas are the five merging points, made of the same materials as their constituents.


In Telugu, gamanam is going, and adhigaminchuTa means surpassing, overtaking, or going 

beyond the reach. I can extrapolate adhgamyam as 'beyond what you can set as a goal'. 

I doubt s'vetAs'vatara had a Telugu bias. 





PS: I do not fancy a svarita nityo~nityAnAm because the negation anityAnAm contradicts chetanaschetanAnAm. 

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