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Mon May 11 09:06:27 CDT 2009

Dear sir,
             Namaste.  I have a few doubts regarding how we shall live. If time permits, kindly help me out with these 5 queries
1) Are the paths to achieve material and spiritual rewards different? Or can they be the same?
2) Why should an evil-eye be effective? I mean, if a person works for his betterment, he is solely responsible for his success. How can an evil-eye affect it? Why are we giving it so much importance?
3) There is a difference in the teaching of different faiths with regard to rebirth. Hinduism and buddism talk about the phenomenon of rebirth,whereas Islam and Christianity deny it? Why is this difference?
4) God is karma-phala-dhatha. According to our karma, he gives us what we deserve. Similarly, if a person deceives us,why should we not punish him. Why does the scriptures expect us to forgive?
5) This world is such an imperfect place with so much inequality and injustice. How should we live - just accept things as they are or fight against them?
Thank you in advance. All the very best to you for all your endeavours.
Yours sincerely,
N S Jayaram

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