[Advaita-l] Sankhya & Yoga

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Fri May 8 00:23:28 CDT 2009

Some how this did not get accepted by the list server so I am reposting 
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Sri Michael Shepherd
This is with reference to your Email on the list(May 4) on the
words,"sankhya" and "Yoga".Though the word"Sankhya"means
"Knowledge"(samyak khyayate iti Sankhyah),many Sankhya terminologies on
the Gunas,prakriti,Kshetra and Khsetrajna are found in the
Bhagawadgita.These terms also occur in the Vedantic texts like
Brahmasutras.Though Shankara has commented these sutras in his Bhashyas,we
donot find these terms in his bhashyas.This goesto prove that the earlier
vedantins used these terms which are Sankhyan and Yogic in their
discussions.This throws light upon the history of the Adwaita vedanta.

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