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Yoga with Vivekakhyati (knowledge of Sankhya) helps one to anchor the Soul to Ishvara  and Patanjali says that  Om (Brahman) is the verbal representation of Ishvara. Yoga with the the concept of Advaita Vedanta alone can helps one to realise that the Soul is not different from Brahman. Yoga is essential  in Dvaita as well as in Advaita.

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> The theistic-atheistic distinction is a western concept that cannot be
> directly mapped onto the Indic traditions.

Then use the terms seshvara and nirIshvara if you like.  The fact is the classical Samkhya position on this topic is atheistic enough that the brahmasutras repeatedly criticize it and reject it as authoritative.  See I-4 upto 2.1.2.  2.1.3 also says the criticism applies mutatis mutandis to yoga even though it does have an Ishvara concept.

Again as we have discussed previously Samkhya/Yoga have undergone a vedantic reinterpretation and it is the vedantized versions that we are familiar with today.  But this just goes to prove my point that all instances of the words "samkhya" and "yoga" do not refer to the same thing.

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