[Advaita-l] Waking and Dream States - II

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Michael - PraNAms
All we know is that the cause for creation for the dream world has to come from the impressions left in the waking mind - how far back and which is now ready to germinate and which gets trigged by the immediate past actions, etc, we cannot tell. All we can tell is the cause for specific dreams have to be imbedded in the waking mind which western psychologists call as subconscious mind. How sub that sub is anybody's guess. The very deep impressions can come out when they are triggered by some specific incidents or memories. This is  just as we do not know what specific praarabda that triggers out the world that we  are going to experience next. 
That is all we know or can interpolate. Without going into specific details, the mechanics of the process is presented based on my understanding.
Hari Om!

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If I understand correctly -- before a further re-reading -- dreams might be regarded as a brief 'film projection' which are attended to and 'lived through' in the dreaming state; and then remain for a brief time in the subsequent waking state, where they may be assessed in that state.

So they are constituted of those oppressions and repressions, which in their 'present-ation' refer to past and potentially to future ? I can see the 'mechanical' or 'inevitable' aspect of their presentation. Is that sufficient in itself to 'learn from' by living through, or is there a 'science' of dreams by which more can be learned ?

I don't want to demand too much of you; but there is an inevitable question -- for me -- looming up : 'creative dreaming' where the artist in any creative art draws on his psychic experience to create a positive, if limited, view of the world..yet using both dreaming and waking imagery..

Perhaps you would prefer to leave this until a later stage.. and thanks again.

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