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Dear members
I wanted to share with you all what I could understand as denoted by Time 
and space with relevance to Upanishadic pronouncements.As the mail sent did 
not appear to have reached I amforwarding it once again.R.Krishnamoorthy.
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> Dear members
> I think Time is identical with Brahman.It is a substratum against which 
> the panchamahabhuthas play their parts.If space contains the other four 
> elements Time encompasses space.Time is beginningless and endless.In the 
> Gita Lord Krishna says "I am Time".Kalosmi  lokakshayakruth 
> pravruddha:-stanza 32/chap11-.Even if there is pralaya Time will exist as 
> a background like space.Space and Time thus are eternal and 
> indestructible.R.Krishnamoorthy.
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>> Hari Om.
>>      Space and Time are one and the same right?, If space did not exist,
>> there is no time and if there is no time there is no space.
>> Kris
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>>>Can anyone tell me how 'Time' is conceived of in Advaita Vedanta? There 
>>>talk of space (AkAsh) as one of the pacha-mAhAbhutas but no mention of 
>>>anywhere that I know of.
>>>Thanks & Pranams, Mahesh
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