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Shree Mahesh - PraNAms

Since you posted this in both advaitin and advaita-l lists, I am responding for both.

First, some aspect of time was discussed in my knowledge series.

Time is gap between two sequential events according to Einstein. According to Vedantic interpretation, time is gap between two experiences - hence mind supported by consciousness comes in- In deep sleep state where the mind is folded, the concept of time and space all get folded until the mind is awake.

Biological time is there even in deep sleep and that exists at Iswara level - There the total mind is involved again supported by conscious entity- creation-sustenance-dissolution requires continuous modification and continuity is a concept of time. Hence both time and space at global level belong to vyavahaara level - at jiiva level or praatibhaasika level - at the level of experience - at individual mind level. 
Shankara says in Dakshinamuurthy sloka: 
maayaa kalpita desha kaala kalanaa vaicitra citriikRitam .. 
Both time and space are  creation of maaya - which is there but not there if one goes into deeper analysis.

Hari Om!

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Can anyone tell me how is 'Time' conceived of in Adviata Vedanta?

Thanks & Pranams, Mahesh

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