[Advaita-l] Three models for worship

Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 23 13:09:32 CDT 2009

Dear Bhadraiah,

Here are some posts wherein the Gita-Chapter 15 model is discussed.

Please dwell on Sholka-s 15.16, 15.17, and 15.18. Long contemplation
might be needed until the meanings hidden in them are revealed. After
revealing these sholka-s, shrI kRSNa tells arjuna that I have revealed
the ultimate secret "shAstra" to you. NOWHERE in gItA other than this
place term "shAstra" has been used in eulogy.

If you place AtmA-mAyA model on top, followed by AtmA/deva/mAyA/jIva
model, you have already skipped the akSara puruSa.


Thanks BG.15, I will check it out. (Some one please show me the search button for the list.) 
The list of models is infinite, and I did not list them in any order. In fact, depending on how 
you want to classify, Atma vs Maya model can be put on top, and Atma/devas/Maya/Jivas be next. 
Br.U.I.4.10 serves as Shruti for Atma/Maya model, and Atma/Maya model is higher model because 
it eliminates the layer of devas. 


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