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>because he knows they will followon, as the formula he learnt (Br.U.I.5.1-2) 

>he can confidently handover to all others, because he thinks they are competent
>to handle it (from his own viewpoiint) even though it may not be true from our
>viewpoint (who are still under duality). 


To be precise, Sankara rejects this kind of interpretation where one person gets 

unsurpassed joy while others don't see it. Quoting at random from Commentary for Br.U. III.ix.28.7: 


"Moreover there is a divergence of opinion among advocates of liberatoin. Samkhyas and 

Vaisheshikas while believing in liberation hold that there is no joy in cognizing it, others say 

there is surpassing joy in it known only to the person concerned."


To explain, I had to mention about the people under duality at the end, only to bring down the reader 

to the original state of mind for the purpose of sentence structure. (I believe it is the principle of sAma). 


In Ch.U.IV Sankara rejects any type of movement up or down while attraining liberation. 

Here again, I attempt to make a repair: pratIka gives an impression of a person going up 

and becoming pre-eminent only because rest of the jivas that receive the formula also 

lose their separate identity and merge into this person, so the implosion due to fusion is 

what gives the feeling of rising up and attaining pre-eminence, not otherwise. 


Sankara's own interpreation for Br.U.I.v.1-2 is superior to all interpretations. 

Sankara says the person becomes the self of all (lower entities like) foods. 

This is the opposite attack when compared to Br.U.I.4.10 where one becomes 

the self of higher entiries like devas. Becoming the self of foods means when a banana 

plant grows and bears fruit it is this person who is absorbing water from ground and 

producing the fruit. Also if you as a student of Sankara study his teachings, Sankara 

achieves identity with you (the food), and it is himself revising the subjects in your form. 




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