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Dear Bhadraiahji,
Just imagining that physical reality is no reality will not help. We alll have come from the same source as He created us and we are proceeding to the same source. As long as we think we are separate individuals we develop the relationships through associations and begin to forget that even these relationships are transitory. One's  forefathers may be reborn as one's children in this evolutionary process. Due to ignorance (Avidya or lack of Vidya) we do not see that there is essentially no difference among us. But when develop our Sattvika nature  we begin to get the glimse (abhasa) of the universal consciousness (Chaitanya or Chit) and that is the true Vidya, which the Vedas are talking about and then the differences dissolve and we realise that what was perceived earlier was nothing but a sort of delusion (Maya). One can see the Maya only when one has the Advaitic awareness or Samadarshana and until then  talking of Maya is just like talking
 about a somewhat misundersttod concept.
Sunil K. Bhattacharjya
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As Shri Anbushivan said the answer is really Maya. How can real objects fade away into

Maya? How can memories fade away into Maya? Doesn't this contradict advaita that no

object is ever born and any object once known to exist will never cease to exist? I did all of

what you said, moved into a different country, moved into different fields, and memory of my

father faded away while he was living. But the fact that I did not serve him in the last 30

years of his life doesn't fade, and it worries me.  Will it help if I meditate on Maya? Can I live

happily thereafter without worrying? 


If your teacher said Sachidananda is the tool, that is correct. You don't need any other

tool. Sat is the existence, your parents and all these objects are real and they are Sat. Sat is

the source of Rgveda. The rishi saw this real world and composed Rgveda. Chit is intellect,

which is the source of yajurveda. The yajurvedic priest adhvaryu intelligently manages the

yajna sticking to all time schedules, so we have to use our intelligence in the correct way

(not just follow books and traditions sloppily, however great the traditions are). Ananda is the

source of samaveda, and ananda dissolves everything, including the real world objects.



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