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Shree Bhadriah Mallapalli - My PraNAms sir

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As Shri Anbushivan said the answer is really Maya. 

KS: Yes indeed including this question, questioner, the response, and the one who is responding and thus all the nine yards that include all the relations and the worries associated with and without those relations - all within maaya only. I like the simplified response of Shree Michael Shepherd.
How can real objects fade away into

Maya? How can memories fade away into Maya? Doesn't this contradict advaita that no

object is ever born and any object once known to exist will never cease to exist? 
KS: mayaa is also defined as ya maa saa maayaa - that which appears to be there but not really there. 

Advaita by definition includes all and excludes none - any object is adhyaasa on Brahman. The object reality is borrowed reality or apparent reality or vyavahaarika satyam - the substantive Brahman alone is real in spite of any appearances - sarvam adhiShTaanam Brahma - nehe naanaasti kincana - there is nothing whatsoever other than Brahman. 

I did all of

What you said, moved into a different country, moved into different fields, and memory of my

father faded away while he was living. But the fact that I did not serve him in the last 30

years of his life doesn't fade, and it worries me.  Will it help if I meditate on Maya? Can I live

happily thereafter without worrying? 

KS: I do not think I asked anyone to do anything other than understanding the nature of maaya. Best thing if one has to do is the one suggested by Shree Michael Shepherd -  surrenders to the Lord- 
as Krishna says 
daiviim eShaa guNa mayii mama maayaa duratyayaa
mamevaye prapadyante maayaam etaam tarantite||

This maayaa of mine is of divine origin only by surrendering to me one can cross over this maayaa - says Krishna which Shree Michael Shepherd understood clearly -  that ultimately involves - there is nothing to do other than understanding that there is nothing to do!

That is my understanding.

Hari Om!

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