[Advaita-l] jeevanamuktha vis-a-vis avadhoota

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Can I put in a different way. Living within the five bodies (koshas) is bondage or call it full of restrictions and sufferings. Come out of these and you are free.  There are several ways to help one get out of these koshas. Tantra, either  Vamachara or Samayachara (Sri Vidya), helps one to come out of the five koshas in one life itself.  Avadhuta is one, who does not want to have any additional man-made binding including clothing.   


Sunil K. Bhattacharjya

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>Living is a bondage and liberating is without any bondage.  How both

>can co-exist?  I wonder.

If ceasing to live helps liberation we don't advaita. If life is a bondage,
after death one might as well come back into that bondage. So living can not be
by itself bondage. 


The word Jivanmukta is the goal of advaita. Going by Shruti Br.U.I.4.15 one
should better become a Jivanmukta before end of life, otherwise the life is a




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