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Dear Venkatji,
While Vidyashankarji will reply to you I hope he may not mind if I add a line or two here.
In Sandhyavandana we do not pray only to the heavenly body of Surya (Surya Narayana) but to the Brahman, who is behind or at the background of the Surya as well. As regards whether to keep the eyes open or not, I think our ancestors in the ancient past went to the river to take bath and while wet and waist-deep in water and in the standing position offered the arghya to the Sun  by directly looking at the rising red Sun in the morning. It is safer to look at the Sun at that time.
Sunil K. Bhattacharjya

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You have rightly referred to the explanation of Sringeri Jagadguru Sri
Chandrashekara Bharati.   I have a doubt here.
When I do Sandhyavandana, should I necessarily consider that the Aditya in my
front (Stula Aditya in the Akasha) as the prateeka for the Savita, (Savita =
Brahman as I understand), or do I have the option to close my eyes and consider
directly Savita - directly as per the meaning of the mantra, in which case my
focus is not necessarily on the Stula Aditya in my front up in the sky......!

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