[Advaita-l] How to control the mind (without meditation)?

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Fri Mar 13 12:13:31 CDT 2009


I understand that my posts on devas/devatas were talking different things, ranging from gadgets to intelligents agents to activities within Brahman. 


Each posting was appropriate for the situation, but Br.U.I.4.10 rules; it is the most over-ruling opinion one can hold about devas based on Shrutis and acharya's commentaries. 


All other dealings with devas/devatas depend on individual traditions, tastes, needs and choices and fully negotiable. We worship our parents like devas. We have our family deities whose worship is maintained at any cost. We pray to devas when in need or difficult times. We pray to them for inspiration and strength.


I think Shruti also went into somewhat an overdrive when it said the devas treat people as animals. I have second thoughts about this :-) When your manager does your performance review, you think only about yourself. But he has his own performance review by his boss, his own pay rise, promotion etc. Actually he may care a lot less about you than himself. Shruti is trying to remind us that the devas were born for a purpose and they will go away when the purpose is done. (At this point for dvaitists, the deva may take his/her people along with him/her).


All said, the real import of Shruti Br.U.I.4.10 is that we ourselves at different times take on the forms of these devas and devatas (briefly for a fraction of a second) and get back to our status as such and such (and live in that state 99.9999% of the time). The rishi of Br.U. has the knack of telling this in a roundabout way. 












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