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On Fri, Mar 13, 2009 at 11:27 AM, Venkata Subramanian
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> I met Dr. Mani Dravid in person yesterday at Chennai.  I find him a person of a good quality learning and humble in attitude.... his maternal grandfather is the famous Rajarajeshwari Sastry Dravid of Varanasi.......!
> I of course asked him - whether Mulavidya tradition is really Bhashya virudha - or it is not so;
> He told me - the tradition of Panchapadika is not incorrect; and in fact even the Holenarsipur tradition is also in fact not incorrect totally.  They are prakriyas within the Bhashya and there is no problem in the Advaita tatva.  He said that the panchapadika & other explanations are from people who are versed well in other shastras as well; and unless one knows Nyaya & Mimasma well one cannot appreciate their views.  He said that Panchapadika is saying what the bhasya is saying and is not opposed to it.

So, essentially he is saying that people who oppose pancapAdikA are
not well versed in nyAya and mImA.msA. That was exactly the conclusion
of my paper - it's good to have some confirmation of my views from
learned scholars.


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