[Advaita-l] How to control the mind (without meditation)?

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On the question whether worship of devata-s gives control over mind.
The answer is yes and no. No, - because to acheive mantra siddhi(i.e. attaining the grace of ,or perceiving that particular devata) one needs to cultivate mind control without which complete grace of that devata may not come.
However, the process(with the rules and regulations** that come) of mantra japa can be seen as a thorough practice in mind control and so Yes.
Secondly, the devata-s help indirectly by removing mental(i.e. innate obstacles) and external obstacles that arise in the process of achieving brahma GYAna. No devata will confer moxa directly.

** Like intake of sattvic food mentioned by others. However, mere food constraint need not necessarily grant control over the mind. It is one of the many steps. Hatha Yoga - prANAyAma is also a good start.

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Dear Friends,

Mind control seems important. But is it possible to do this without meditation?
Because, first off, meditation isn't easy. Second, we need to be in control
at all times, not just during meditation. I normally try to view everything as
an illusion during the waking state, that's all I can do. Meditating on
Brahman is out of question, since Brahman cannot be imagined or thought of in
any form. 

What else can one do to control our thoughts, and not be swept away by this
current? It gets so hard sometimes, I am not exaggerating at all. All kinds of
thoughts come to one's mind, and it's especially hard when they're
emotions like hatred, violence etc. It's like you're a plaything in
their hands. 

Is there some method in advaita (not necessarily meditation, it could be
anything) that can help us conquer all this? I am not exactly the devotional
type either, so praying and bhakti are totally alien to me.



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