[Advaita-l] Svarita in RV and YV (was Re: SRI SUKTAM - Meaning)

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Sat Mar 7 09:00:08 CST 2009


""If the word 'world' here refers to the supreme self, the specification that follows,
viz "Without realizing ones own world (the self)" would be meaningless...."


(This can be confusing somewhat. By the word 'world' Sankara is continuing to refer 

to the objection by Bhartrprapancha, wherein the latter said people can realize the world 

of the supreme self by means of fire and brahmana. Sankara is saying: what you get by

employing fire and brahmana is just the regular world, not supreme world of self. 

Sankara says upanishat is proclaiming that one should become brahmana in preparation

to the next sentence which asks one to realize ones own world. As a by product,

Sankara also rejects as unauthentic all creation theories in general, unless the creation

is one's own (backed by authentic knowledge of self) - which is not the real intent of 

many  popular creation theories.)




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