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|| shrI gaNeshAya namaH ||


|| shrI vallI devasenA sameta shrI subrahmaNya swAmine namaH ||


|| AUM namo bhagavate kAmakoTi candrashekharAya ||


With the blessings of Jagadguru Parama Pujya Sri. AchAryAs of Kanci kAmakoTi
PiTham, a Puja VidhAnam book has been published for our Supreme Guru and the
Supreme Person Parama Pujya Sri. MahAswAmiji. The book is distributed with
the audio CD, so that every household can get comfortable in chanting the
mantras fluently. The book details the 16 step upachAra pUjA starting with
shrI vighneshwara pUjA.


The slokAs are in Sanskrit, English transliteration (with diacritical marks)
and Tamil. Complete meanings are available in Tamil and English for the
pradhAna pUjA sections.


Please contact me at “sri.sadguru.puja AT gmail.com” if you would like to
have a copy.


It is well known that Pujya Sri.Mahaswamiji considered the “preservation of
the sanctity and the tradition of the Vedas” as one of His primary duties.
He provided encouragement to the people who adhered to the tradition in
several ways.  Multiple trusts were created towards that goal, which
continue to run today with the patronage of the current AchAryAs.


The suggested donation for the book is Rs.250 in India and $25 in the US.
All the donations will be sent to the charities associated with Kanchi mutt
for the preservation of Vedic heritage. ***ANY AMOUNT IS WELCOME. NO


MOST IMPORTANTLY, we want to make sure that devotees interested in doing the
pUjA should have the book and get the spiritual benefits associated with
performing the pUjA.


|| hara hara sankara, jaya jaya sankara ||


Ravi Venkatraman




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