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a. kUTaH iva sthaH - kUTaH rAshiH . rAshiH iva sthaH. kUTaH means a heap. 
kUTasthaH is that which exists like a heap.
b. kUTa-rUpena sthaH - kUTA mAyA, vancanA, jihmatA, kuTilatA iti paryAyAH. 
aneka-mAyA-vancanAti-prakAreNa sthitaH. kUTa is mAyA, deception, falsehood, 
crookedness, which are synonyous. That which exists in the diverse forms of 
mAyA etc. is kUTasthaH. (BG 15.16 bAshya)

This term refers to Atman as silent witness(sAkShI).

When the sAkShitA of Atman is also realised as upalakShaNa and not tAttvikI, 
the brahmAtma-aikya becomes complete. (Advaita Makaranda v.20)

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> The other interesting thing about the pa~nchadashis exposition is that 
> chidAbhAsa is compared to kuTastha.  This term refers to the Atma as 
> silent witness (sAkShi). Literally it means "standing on a mountain"

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