[Advaita-l] SRI SUKTAM - Meaning

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Sun Mar 1 09:18:24 CST 2009

Namase Sri Bharadwaj-ji,

> > Also many nuances and finer aspects often were held back
> from the text by a
> shrewd shastrkara and were dedicated to the traditional
> parampara channels,
> to minimize the possibility of the valuable knowledge going
> into the wrong
> hands. Even Panini resorted to this.
> It is because of this consciously introduced lacunae that
> these texts are
> open to disparate, heterogeneous interpretations.
> The key is only with the one that is a part of a live
> traditional
> parampara....and is therefore guhya.

I too have heard similar things.  But I have doubts whether nuances or finer aspects were deliberately held back.  Now regarding valuable knowledge going into wrong hands,  who are the presumed wrong hands?  Would the vedic knowledge have helped the "wrong hands" without adhikaratwa?  Can you please elaborate?

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