[Advaita-l] Nondual Experience - isn't that a contradiction?

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Thu Jun 25 13:47:57 CDT 2009

Sri D.V.N.  Sarma garu, 
Understanding the contradictions is important. Zen Buddhists follow this method.  
We are more advanced in that we say speech can't be wrong either, as we can not dismiss speech outright. So we have to explore the underlying reasons behind any form of speech.
Sri Sadananda garu,
It is true that as long as there is equipment there is duality. But the equipment won't go away, as we say in Telugu, with our "cat-curses" to wit. (When a cat sees a cup of milk, but if there are some people around it keeps contemplating or even cursing as they say, that the people would go away so it can have a free run.) 
The equipment is there for a reason, so we have to negate those specific reasons to get rid of the equipment, hence the proliferation of shrutis. 


You said:

>Experince of duality as in waking and dream worlds >and non-duality as in deep sleep will not cease >whether I understand or not.


Experience of non-duality in deep sleep will not cease, anyway because that is its own property (swadharma). Duality in waking and dream worlds can very well cease because these two states are not founded on solid ground at all. Just to give an example, this earth did not exist 6 billion years ago and it will probably cease exist after another 6 billion years. The events during waking and dream states "are" very much inconsistent in spite of all the laws of conservation we see around. Logic breaks down every fraction of a second, which means these two worlds are not created by us at all, and as Sankara argues, the worlds not created by us do not belong to us and conversely we do not belong to them either.  


>Moksha is understanding that the substantive of all is >Brahman that I am. 

This is correct. The inconsistencies in waking & dream states can be removed only when moksha as above is realized. 


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