[Advaita-l] Nondual Experience - isn't that a contradiction?

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Shree Bhadraiahji - PraNAms

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Here is my understanding. As long as the equipments (body, mind and intellect) are there experience of duality is there. Even in deep sleep there is an experience of the absence of the objective world, hence the ananda maya experience as analyzed in Tri. Up. Here it is anandamaya not ananda swaruupa, also as analyzed in Br. Sutras. Hence both in laya and pralaya, the equipments are there but only in subtle form since karma is still there that belong to the jiiva or jiivas. Hence the cycle of janma-karma is  beginningless and endless. 

When only when all the equipments drop out - that is after realization that I am sat chit ananda swaruupa- the apparent duality ceases. 

There is no contradiction in non-duality in spite of duality - only depends on the reference - Gold is non-dual in spite apparent many ornaments. From Gold point there is non-duality but from the point of creation of ornaments there is duality - discussed before the creaiton aspect was discussed in Ch. Up. to bring this kaarnaNa-kaarya sambandha -  bahusyaam, prajaayeya - is one apparently becoming many - non-duality in spite of apparent duality - that is what satyam, Jnaanam and anantam brahma implies -where brahma vid aapnoti param involves. 

Any way this is my understanding of advaita - non-duality since duality is experiential using upaadhis. Understaanding of non-duality in spite of duality involves knowledge of the oneness underlying the apparent duality of experiencer-experienced. 

Also for information - a new website is started by a friend of mine <www.advaitaforum.com> for those who are interested. Recent talks on sat darshaNam of Bhagavaan Ramana are being posted there along with link to website of Dennis Waite where many of my writings are also posted.

Hari Om!

--- On Mon, 6/22/09, Bhadraiah Mallampalli <vaidix at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Shri Sadanandaji, 
> >Experince of duality as in waking and dream worlds
> >and non-duality as in deep sleep will not cease
> >whether I understand or not. Moksha is understanding
> >that the substantive of all is Brahman that I am. 
> The experience of duality as in waking and dream worlds had
> a beginning, because it happened when Brahman wanted to
> multiply and become more prosperous. So that experience will
> have to necessarily cease, isn't it?

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