[Advaita-l] naasaagraavalokinii

Michael Shepherd michael at shepherd87.fsnet.co.uk
Fri Jun 19 09:01:31 CDT 2009

Does anyone practise resting the attention on the 'tip of the nose' these
days ?

I had always thought it a very 'approximate' suggestion until I saw it used
on TV to immediate effect with young children in class. I wondered why it
was so effective..

Then only the other day, I observed that if you close one eye, the side of
the tip of the nose becomes visible.. likewise then the other..

That suggests that -- without crossing the eyes ! -- it can be a very
precise point of attention, albeit apparently invisible. And presumably,
sculptors are aware of this in making meditating figures ?

It's one of the suggested points of attention in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras,
towards samadhi.

I wondered if anyone had practical experience of this or scriptural
authority ? Since it might well be a more 'inward' attention than
candle-flame, image, mark on wall, etc. And I suspect there's more to this
in terms of the sukshmasharira..


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