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Michael - PraNAms

I am postig a copy to your mail since my posts do not seem to come to the list directly for some unknown reason.

The detailed analysis of how perceptual knowledge takes place in the mind has been treated in the earlier posts which you can get by going to Shree Dennis Waite website - www.adviata.org.uk. It is related chidaabhaasa alright, but how exactly that takes place is analyzed as a part of perceptuality condition. Essentially the constant awareness of the witnessing consciousness in all the perceptions involves shifting ones attention to the consciousness from the superficial attributive contents of the thoughts. That is what neti or not this involves - it is not elimination of this but paying more attention to the light of consciousness that is reflecting the this thought. This is also what meditation involves too.

Hari Om!

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> I take Adhvarindra's statement to be closely related to the
> concept of
> chid-aabhaasa..:
> Walking along the beach, the sun catches a silver gleam in
> the sand...the
> senses do their work perfectly; consciousness is awoken;
> perhaps even, to
> the detached observer, an occasion of joy in that.

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