[Advaita-l] Nondual Experience - isn't that a contradiction?

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Mon Jun 8 09:17:07 CDT 2009

Sureshji _ PraNAms

There is non-duality experience as in deep-sleep state, as everyone experiences - that is same in nirvikalpa samaadhi too. It is not lack of non-duality experience. Everybody is in aanandamaya in deep sleep state. What is lacking is the understanding of the non-duality state that one experiences. Hence without understanding one can have non-duality experinece. But understanding of non-duality inspite of apparent duality is undestanding of the oneness of the substantive in spite of apparent projected plurality.  That is similar to understanding that all matter is made fundamentally of electrons, protons and neutrons while the packagings are different giving different attributive content. Understanding that non-dual Brahman is the substantive of the jiiva-jagat-Iswara is understanding of non-duality in the jiiva-jagat and Iswara. 

Here is where the problem lies in longing for non-duality experience as self-realization. As you rightly pointed that will never happen where the very experience involves duality. What need to be understood is the substantive of experiencer-experienced and experiencing is non-dual - self or aatman. It has to be convincing understanding without any doubts and that is what firm abidance in the knowledge aham brahmaasmi is or I am non-dual in spite of apparent duality. Experince of duality as in waking and dream worlds and non-duality as in deep sleep will not cease whether I understand or not. Moksha is understanding that the substantive of all is Brahman that I am. 

Hope this helps

Hari Om!

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> In non-duality, there cannot be any experience because
> experience implies duality. But without
> experience/knowledge/perception, how can the truth of
> non-dualism be verified? 

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