[Advaita-l] Complete works of Shankaracharya

Dr D Bharadwaj dr.d.bharadwaj at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 21:59:44 CDT 2009

Thank you Sri Srinivas,

We, the one who fortunate enough to know the value, must
support....something like the special support given to an 'endangered
I already spoke to the publisher.


sarvE bhavanthu sukhinah
sarvE santhu niraamayaah
sarve bhadrANi pasyanthu
maa kaschit duhkhabhAg bhavEt.

Dr. D. Bharadwaj
drdbharadwaj at gmail.com
dr.d.bharadwaj at gmail.com

On Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 8:17 AM, V Srini <vsrini29 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I received email from Samata publishers asking for help. They are selling
> original Sanskrit "Complete Works of Shankaracharya" a 10-volume series for
> 4000 rupees (NOT including shipping charges). In the past I paid 12,000
> rupees for the same plus Fedex international priority to USA. I read
> portions of some of those books; I can say every penny of the money I spent
> is well spent. These books are reprint of original "Vani Vilas Press"
> version. In my opinion, even if you are not very proficient in Sanskrit
> right now, I would say seize this opportunity and obtain these books.
> Consider it a rare privilege to possess these books. In a few years, there
> won't be any publisher able to or willing to print these books. If you can
> afford, please pay as much money as you can (more than 4000 rupees I mean),
> to the publisher, for these books.
> I am enclosing the email I received from the publisher. Note that I have NO
> financial interest in this whole thing.
> For all queries please contact the publisher at samatabooks at gmail.com
> ------ Email from publisher (samatabooks at gmail.com) ----------------
> Dear Mr.Srinivas,
> Namaste,
> How are You?  Hope you remember me.  This is Krishna from SAMATA BOOKS.
>  Hope the books were useful for you.  Would anyone there be interested in
> our Publications?  We are going thru a very bad phase.  Especially if there
> are someone interested in our COMPLETE WORKS OF ADI SANKARACHARYA in
> SANSKRIT.  The set is priced at Rs.4,000/- Sorry for bothering You, Possible
> please help me.  Thanking you in advance,
> Regards,
> Krishna V
> www.samatabooks.com
> 0091-94440 10706
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