[Advaita-l] Pancikarana vs. Trvrtkarana (Analysis)

Bhadraiah Mallampalli vaidix at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 29 10:23:13 CDT 2009

Dear Michael,


>Please can anyone provide a reference for the 'table' >of the appearance of the five elements in the three >worlds ?


You can make mathematical permutations between any two models you are comfortable with, and analyze your situation & express your observations depending on whether you are below or above either one of the models or both models. All models of advaita are eligible for samana nyayam. Not sure how your version of three worlds resolves into advaita.  

>I was given it orally years ago -- and was so >delighted with the statement that 'water' is love at >the causal level, binds at the subtle level, and flows >at the physical level... that I failed to remember the >rest of the table !


By who? What scripture? What you heard about "love" sounds more like a a page from an upcoming Hinduized Bible. None of the Hindu systems of thought entertain "love" the way you mentioned. I do admit Yajnavalkya taught Maitreyi about sincere love when he said 'a wife loves her husband for one's own sake', but his statement is equally true for other types of love - a leech loves its source of blood for one's own sake, a colonialist loves his subjects for one's own sake. Why only love, what is wrong with hate? An Abrahamic or a Jihadist hates a pagan/sinner or kafir respectively for one's own sake. 

>I'd guess that it is invaluable in interpreting the Veda.

You decide. 




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